Christ Kingdom Ministries

Nurture Ministry  
Christ Kingdom Church's Nurture Ministry provides loves and support during the joys and trials of life through group programs and individual ministries.  As we affirm faith in God through this ministry, we claim a sacred place where Christ's love unites us with compassion and the caring of others.  

Marriage Ministry  
To learn and develop marriage enrichment and communication skills; understanding what the Bible says about marriage; participate in bi-weekly program meetings and social events; attend quarterly workshops/seminars and coaching sessions; annual honeymoon retreat.

Extol Dance Ministry  
"Highly Exalting God in Movement"
Extol Dance Ministries is a ministry that praises highly in movement to honor our Lord and Savior Jesus
Christ. We were birthed out of Christ Kingdom Church, whose mission is "To make disciples who lovingly advance the Kingdom of God." Our dance mission is "To touch the hearts of people and lead them to Christ as well as encourage those who are in the body of Christ." March of 2012 the ministry started with just a small group of people. Since then, we have expanded to a children, youth, and adult ministry. God has truly been faithful!  We thank God in advance for our continuous growth.   

Stewardship Ministry  
The stewardship ministry mission is to provide excellence in the overseeing managing and resourcing the churches stewardship efforts.  We are tasks to see the ministry protected, disciples adequately resourced and the Kingdom of God flourishing.

Drama Ministry  

MIME Ministry  

Single Ministry  

Music Ministry  

Business Ministry